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Envision your event rendered
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Organize your conference, showroom,
trade fair, or art exhibition virtually
via our interactive, customizable platform.

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Envision Expo is a platform for a wide range of virtual and hybrid events.

Envison Expo integrates the creative team’s expertise and extensive international experience in event and trade show design and production, conceptual development, 3D design, and the creation of various interactive tools for events.

Our main features:

Immersive real time experience

Fully immersive and interactive virtual 3D venue with customizible 3D spaces for lobbies, arenas, meetings, stands.

On the frontlines of VR technologies

A virtual experience of 3D objects, videos, presentations, meetings, chats and interactive games. All via customizable avatars.

User-friendly application

Envision Expo incorporates a comprehensive array of use-friendly features to support interactions between exhibitors and visitors.

Customizable branding

The whole experience can tailormade for needs of your brand. Branding can be implemented to every part of experience.

Our packages include:


The app offers:

  • the hosting of completely virtual events in an immersive interactive 3D space;
  • attendee management;
  • custom branding;
  • avatars;
  • visitor bags;
  • chatting and one-on-one meetings;
  • attendee lists.


All aspects of your showroom can be arranged in 3D space:

  • attendee management;
  • customizable;
  • close-up viewing of exhibits;
  • 3D exhibits;
  • downloadable materials;
  • integration with your website;
  • chat functionality;
  • upgradeable to an event package.


Hybrid solutions can expand the visitor experience at your physical events, such as trade shows, exhibitions, etc.

Enhanced VR and AR tools are available.


Permanent and temporary exhibitions or collections can be presented in a fully immersive, interactive 3D space.

  • both 2D and 3D exhibits can be arranged;
  • enables close-up viewing of individual works;
  • materials can be downloaded;
  • upgradeable to an event package.

Contact us:


Envision Expo
Dalmatinova 2
1000 Ljubljana
+386 41 645 993